Board Members

The Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners is comprised of 7 members – five osteopathic physicians and two members of the public. In order to prevent potential conflicts, ex-parte communication, and open meeting law violations, please direct all communication intended for members of the Board to Board staff or the Board's Executive Director. 

The Current Members of the Board are as follows:

Board Member

Jonathan Maitem

Jonathan Maitem, D.O.

President - Physician Member
Samara Shipon

Samara Shipon, D.O.

Vice-President - Physician Member
Jeffrey H. Burg

Jeffrey H. Burg

Public Member
Michael Goodman

Michael Goodman, J.D.

Public Member
Ken S. Ota

Ken S. Ota, D.O.

Physician Member
Gary Erbstoesser

Gary Erbstoesser, D.O.

Physician Member

Dawn Walker, D.O.

Physician Member