Locum Tenens Registration

A person who holds a Locum Tenens Registration may assist or substitute for an Arizona Sponsoring Physician. They may not practice osteopathic medicine in this state apart from the facilities of the Sponsoring Physician. This application is in accordance with A.R.S. § 32-1823. The filing of this application does not grant any special privilege to open an office or to conduct any method of treating the sick or afflicted in the State of Arizona nor does it imply or guarantee that a regular license to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery in Arizona will be granted upon application. If approved, the Locum Tenens registration certificate will be mailed to the sponsoring physician.


Application Fee for a ninety (90) day registration $300.00
Application Fee for an additional ninety (90) day period $300.00


Locum Tenens FAQs

The application fee is $300 for a ninety (90) day registration. The registration can be extended for another ninety (90) day period. However, you must pay an additional $300.

Yes, as of September 1, 2017, the Arizona Osteopathic Board requires fingerprinting and a background check for a Locum Tenens Registration. For more information, please see the Fingerprinting/Background Check FAQ at Licensure / Licensing / License Process, FAQ tab, scroll to the Fingerprinting Background Check group.

A Locum Tenens Registration allows an osteopathic physician actively licensed in another state to temporarily substitute for or assist an M.D. or D.O. actively licensed in Arizona. The doctor requesting the substitution or assistance is the Sponsoring Physician.

Yes. The sponsoring physician must provide a written request for the registration. This request must state if the registration is for substituting or assisting him/her and also the exact starting date the registration is needed. A form is provided in the application packet.

Yes. The applicant needs to be actively licensed to practice medicine in another state.

It is valid for ninety (90) days but can be extended for an additional ninety (90) days.

It takes approximately thirty (30) days to process a Locum Tenens Registration Application if verifications are received in a timely fashion. An additional thirty (30) days may be needed for applications which must be decided by the Board.

Upon approval of the application, the Locum Tenens Registration will be mailed to the sponsoring physician. The registrant will receive a copy by mail.

Yes. The sponsoring physician must send a written request stating the reason for the extension. Another $300 fee must be paid in order to extend the registration for another ninety (90) days.

An osteopathic physician holding a Locum Tenens Registration cannot practice medicine in Arizona except as a substitute for or assistant to the Sponsoring Physician.