CME Courses

In order to renew your license you are required to have 40 hours of approved CME. At least 24 hours must be obtained by completing CME classified at AOA Category 1A. The remaining 16 hours can be classified as Category 1A by the AMA. 

Login to the Licensee Portal to enter your CME information after you complete a course. The portal will store your CME information and you will be able to review it when you renew your license.

How to enter CME in the Licensee Portal:

1. Click "License Renewal"

2. Update all information 

3. Continuing Education is Step 5

4. You will click the blue link to upload the required CME:

CME Screenshot.PNG

6. You will then click "View" on the current CE period for 2022 & 2023

7. You will then click "Add New":


8. From there you will select the category of CME, how many hours, and upload the certificate. Please make sure you also add a new CME for the required 3 hours of Opioids. We understand that many times this training does not have a specific certification since it's included in another AOA or AMA training, if that is the case then you can upload the same certificate again for your opioid CME.


Opioid-Related CME

Please note that as of 2018 all physicians are required to complete CME focused on opioid, substance use disorders, or addiction-related prescribing. Here are some options for free and online CME provided by various providers. Here are some options to complete the required CME to be in compliance with the 2018 Opioid Laws:

In the licensee portal, if your Opioid CME was part of an AOA or AMA course that you have already entered into the portal, you may upload it again as a separate certificate and course using the "+Add New" button. 


Participation in a Postgraduate Training program or Preceptorship for CME

The Board will accept as AOA 1A credit participation in a Postgraduate Training program or Preceptorship either as a student or instructor. The Board will accept a Postgraduate Training Form (Form 2) for students and a letter from the program director confirming participation and the number of hours participated for instructors.  Please contact the Board staff with questions. 


AOA 1A Credit for Life Support Courses

You can earn AOA 1A credit by completing Life Support Courses, which includes initial courses, and refresher courses, as well as working as an instructor of Life Support Courses. If you have completed a course in the current renewal period (2 years before the renewal by date) you can upload your Life Support card or certificate as part of your AOA 1A CME. Below is a list of the hours that are acceptable for each type of course. 

LifeSupport List.png