Postgraduate Training (PGT) Permit Application & Renewal

Postgraduate Training (PGT) Permit Application & Renewal Information.

Beginning on May 1st, 2024, the Board's portal has rolled out a new more streamlined process for postgraduate training permit applications and renewals. The process is paperless and we will no longer be accepting paper applications for permits. This process will increase the speed which we are able to process applications and will even allow for the auto-renewal of permits that meet specific requirements. 

For permits due to expire June 30th, 2024, that is the end of the renewal cycle for the 2024 program year. If you do not renew your permit before the June 30th deadline and desire to be permitted in Arizona, you must re-apply using the Post Graduate Permit Application. Please contact the Board's licensing division with any questions.

The online portal is available now. Below are procedures for applications and renewals, we encourage you to review these as they may address any questions you may have. 

AZDO Postgraduate Permit Renewals Procedures

AZDO Postgraduate Permit Application Procedures 

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