Reportable Criminal Charges

Under Arizona law, any DO who has a license, postgraduate training permit, or has filed an application for one, is required to report to the Board of Osteopathic Examiners within 10 days of being charged with any felony or with certain misdemeanors (see A.R.S. § 32-3208).

  1. Being charged with the crime triggers the duty to report. Being arrested is not the same as being charged.
  2. You have to report within 10 days of being charged. That means 10 business / work days. It is not acceptable to wait until you next renew your license or permit.
  3. You must report being charged with any felony, even if you or your attorney thinks the felony is not related to your practice. The Board’s position is that you have to report it.
  4. You must report being charged with a reportable misdemeanor on the attached list. These are the misdemeanors that the Board has decided “may affect patient safety” as required by the law. It does not matter if you or your attorney think your misdemeanor charge does not affect patient safety. The Board’s position is that you are required to report it.

    Please note that DUIs, drug offenses and sexually based offenses are on the list, no matter if they are charged by the federal government, the State of Arizona, or by any city, town or municipality.
  5. You report the charge by mailing, faxing or emailing a written statement to the Board staff that you have been charged, giving the date of the charge, and the specific criminal statutes you were charged with violating. You must attach a copy of the official charging document. You may send any other document or information you choose to send. Of course, if you have an attorney, the attorney may send this for you.