Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery mission
Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery
Mission: To protect the public by setting educational and training standards for licensure, and by reviewing complaints made against osteopathic physicians, interns, and residents to ensure that their conduct meets the standards of the profession.
Licensure Links
Initial Licensing
The Board currently has three pathways to licensure as an Osteopathic Physician in the State of Arizona: License by Examination, Licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact (IMLC) and Universal Licensing Recognition (Applicants for Universal Recognition do not qualify for licensure through the IMLC in accordance with A.R.S.ยง32-4302.) The Board also has applications for Teaching Licenses, Pro-Bono Licenses, Locum Tenens Registration, and Temporary Licenses.
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Meeting Agendas
The Board posts all agendas in two locations available to the public. The Board posts a physical copy inside the public notices glass case on the first floor of the 1740 West Adams Building, in Phoenix, Arizona 85007. The Board posts a digital copy of the agenda on the Board's website under the Board Meeting Schedule section. All updates to the agenda are posted in the same locations. The Board's website is the primary place to view the agendas as updates are more readily available through electronic means.
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Arizona DO Web Portal
The Board has a new web portal for your use. The Board has many options of completing requests and applications online. Please follow the link and select the option that best fits.