32-3206. Disciplinary action; information; disclosure

A. At least ten business days before a disciplinary interview or a hearing, if the board does not hold a disciplinary interview, the health profession regulatory board shall notify the health professional and, at that person's request, the board shall provide the health professional or the health professional's attorney with the information listed in this section. The board shall provide the following information:

1. Any review conducted by an expert or consultant providing an evaluation of or opinion on the allegations.

2. Any records on the patient obtained by the board from other health care providers.

3. The results of any evaluations or tests of the health professional conducted at the board's direction.

4. Any other factual information that the board will use in making its determination.

B. A person who obtains information from the board pursuant to this section may not release it to any other person or entity or use it in any proceeding or action except the disciplinary interview and any administrative proceedings or appeals related to the disciplinary interview. A person who violates this subsection commits an act of unprofessional conduct.

C. The board may charge the health professional or the health professional's attorney for the cost of providing the information received up to the fee for making a copy of each page as prescribed by section 12-284, subsection A.